Posted by : Dimitris Goutis Thursday, April 3, 2014

I started playing around with nylon prints today. Following Rich's post on nylon, i bought some Taulman 645 and searched for the tuflon surface. Rich specified that the Whale type is the one to go.

3d printing on phenolic sheetAfter some search i found that tufnol whale is standardized under: BS EN 60893-3-4 Type PF CC 203. So anything like that should do the job. As i saw here, the first group is paper-phenolic with specifications  EN 60893-3-4-PF CP 206 and DIN:7735 GRADE HP 2061.x these are named also bakelites. While the cotton-phenolic has specs BS EN... Type PF CC 203 and DIN:7735-GRADE HGW: 2082 or 2083.

So with these numbers i found locally a sheet with DIN:7735-GRADE HGW: 2082,  1mm thickness and tested it with the nylon.

My setup is a custom MendelMax 1.5 with E-3D hotend and a nozzle of 0.25mm. Nylon came out nice, without any problem at max printing speed of 60mm/s.
The sheet could flex at a certain point. This was good on order to remove the part easier from it. On the other hand it made a curve on the center and the 4 clips were not sufficient to keep it aligned on top of the glass, so i used some tape around it.

Nylon stuck too much on it and since i had forgotten the 5mm brim (for ABS..) you couldn't just grab the part from the phenolic sheet. Although later i did it... when i was bored playing around i just pulled it with power... and the first layer came with it...

I have been playing around with many surfaces to print on, since it was the worst problem i had to face when i started with reprap. 'Tufnol' seems to working very well with nylon without any wrapping and saving the power of HPB. I hope this post may help others find easier some 'tufnol' since i explained a bit the numbers. If you still can't find i can send you some through emakershop, since i bought 1mx1m...

PS: I hope i would do something with this "cloth" too, before May :)

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