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While i was playing with my 3d printer printing figures from games, i started thinking about colorful printing just like a typical printer. So first there was the idea of a palette that can hold many colors-hotends. The cam driven extruder ( was awesome but i needed it to be in plastic and more "reprapable" than the existing design. I made a mix of them using 608ZZ bearings and herringbone gears. Also i had in mind to use the same motor to select hot-end and to choose filament by using the same degrees of rotation for the cam and the palette, or by adding another gear at the cam that would fix the ratio. The cam drive picks a filament every 36 degrees, and the same degrees are for the palette, to change hot-end. Although i didn't see it working i'm sure it will work. The truth is that i rushed to make it after the finish of the exam period.

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